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May 9, 2014

Photos from our recent First ascent of Augustin Peak in the Kitchatna range of Alaska.

Found some old tools to pass the time away. Weather looks better today and tomorrow! #talkeetna #kichatnas #adidasoutdoor
Apr 8, 2014

Found some old tools to pass the time away. Weather looks better today and tomorrow! #talkeetna #kichatnas #adidasoutdoor

Mar 10, 2014

Rainbow Serpent 2014 photos by Ben Herndon

Aug 26, 2013

MT. Wake with John Frieh

My first Alaskan first ascent was with a bad ass guy named John Frieh. I consider myself a student of John and was ecstatic he asked me to join him on this climb.

Aug 26, 2013

Everest North Side Expedition

Everest News

In 2003, at 20 years old, I climbed Everest with my father. Summiting with my pops was amazing. Although Everest is not my ideal scenario for steep technical alpine routes, it did put my mental game to the test. It was a trip that took patience and i learned and exceptional amount.

Aug 26, 2013

The Emperor Face

This is an article my partner, Doug Shepherd wrote about our experience on Mt. Robson. Doug is an amazing climber and I cant wait to get back on this face with him again.

Aug 26, 2013

Amazing New Route in Alaska’s Kichatna Range

Ben Erdmann, Jess Roskelley, and Kristoffer Szilas have climbed a very difficult ice and mixed route on the Citadel (8,250’) in Alaska’s Kichatna Spir

Aug 26, 2013

New Grade VI Goes Up in Kichatnas

This is a climb i did with Kristoffer Szilas and Ben Erdmann on the Citadel in the Kichatna mountain range in Alaska last April. One of the most interesting and fun climbs i’ve ever done. I was lucky to be part of this climb with these two talented climbers.

Aug 24, 2013

Gunsite peak, Selkirks

imageMy dad, John and i were getting a little bored so we decided to go climb Gunsite peak in the selkirks yesterday. I believe my dad said he did a route right up the middle in 1968. After a two and a half hour drive we got to the trail head up Hunt creek and started up the massive boulder fields. Eventually we got to the ridge and dropped down the the North Face of Gunsite. It took us a couple hours…longer than I thought. But I have to admit, a lot of that time was spent picking huckleberries the entire way up. imageThere was a bit of snow at the bottom but easy to surpass and easy to pick a spot to gain the climb. We wanted to try a new variation up the face. Who knows if thats indeed what we did but it was fun regardless.imageWe basically did a huge diagonal traverse across the entire face to the summit. It had some tricky traversing moves up to a possible 5.10. Protection was few and far between.imageWe eventually topped out in the hot sun. We had a great time and i enjoyed climbing with my pops yet again. At 65 he is one of the toughest guys around and my best buddy. We both learned a valuable lesson on our short day out. NEVER wear yellow shirts on a summer alpine climb!! The bees will pollinate you all day!!

Aug 24, 2013

intro fo sho

My name is Jess Roskelley. I’m a welder and an alpine climber from Spokane, Washington. I am the son of professional alpine climber, John Roskelley. Currently, I am supported by three awesome companies; adidas Outdoor, Omega Pacific and Mountain Gear. I’ve seen things and met people all over the world, from Sir Edmund Hillary to Indira Gandhi. I’ve led an interesting life in my 31 years and i’d love to share my stories, even if only a few people read it. 

 In my posts on line, i’m going to talk about all of my climbing expeditions. Successes and failures, the things that i see, hear and experience that i feel are worthy of writing down for everyone to read. Some of my favorite climbs were ones that I did not reach the summit. In truth, failing to reach the summit is ALWAYS an option. Learning from a failure in not. Alpine climbing is a life time of being safe and learning from every mistake. I am here to help anyone who cares to ask me questions so they can learn from my successes and failures. I’ve had plenty of both. Although I don’t mind sitting at the computer and writing about my experiences,  I will blog children’s book style with plenty of pictures. Since i’m slightly late on the blogging train, I will post recent articles of climbs i was a part of to make up for a bit of lost time. image